WTF Do I Do With All These Turnips?

When it's possible, I like to order boxes of veggies from some local farms. I order from HollyGrove Market and SUA NOLA.  The service is awesome: they deliver a huge box of fresh, local veggies right to your door and they both cost around $25. 

The boxes are fun because it's normally an assortment of fruits and veggies staples, with some random stuff thrown in that I would not normally buy. This means I have to really be creative and cook with some unfamiliar items. In doing so, I often learn to love (or tolerate) new foods.

I recently ordered a box from HollyGrove and got an abundance of amazing fruits and veggies, including a bunch of turnips. I was definitely least excited about the poor turnips: I have never really cooked with turnips before, so they sat in the back of my fridge slowly wilting, while I devoured the local blueberries and salad greens. 


Wilt no more, turnips! I pulled them out today and saved them from a sad fate of another week in the fridge before I guiltily toss them out. 

I went through a few food blogs and found some really delicious looking ways to cook with turnips! I collected my favorites here, in case you ever find yourself with an abundance of turnips and no idea what to do with them:

Turnip Hash from The Kitchn: